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Processing time

Orders are processed within 24 hours. If everything is in stock and ordered before 2pm, it will be shipped the same day with DPD.

If an order is not completely in stock, or a backorder with a price change, you will be contacted by us to go through the next steps.

By default, we only ship if all products ordered are available. In case of exceptions, you will be contacted first.


Onze verzendingskosten zijn eenvoudig. Wij rekenen een eenmalige verzendingskost aan, onafhankelijk hoe groot de bestelling ook is.

Bij TD Parts and Tyres is de verzendingskost afhankelijk van de zone waarin u de levering wenst. Wij hanteren volgende zones:

Zone naam Regio’s Verzendingskost
DPD Home Zone A België €6,50
DPD Home Zone B Duitsland, Nederland €8,00
DPD Home Zone C Frankrijk, Monaco €11,00
DPD Home Zone D Denemarken, Hongarije, Ierland, Italië, Slovenië, Slowakije, Tsjechië €20,00
DPD Home Zone E Luxemburg €9,50
DPD Home Zone F Spanje €15,50
DPD Home Zone G Oostenrijk €16,50
DPD Home Zone H Estland, Letland, Litouwen, Zweden €21,00
DPD Home Zone I Finland, Kroatië €26,00
Overview of delivery times

All deliveries are made by DPD. The table below has an overview of the times, in working days, that DPD needs on average to transfer a delivery from Belgium to another country.

Country – Delivery lead times (working days)
Belgium (BE): 1 – 3
Denmark (DK): 3 – 4
Germany (DE): 1 – 4
Estonia (EE): 4 – 6
Finland (FI): 4 – 6
France (FR): 2 – 4
Greece (GR): 6 – 9
Hungary (HU): 3 – 5
Ireland (IE): 4 – 5
Italy (IT): 3 – 6
Croatia (HR): 5 – 6
Latvia (LV): 4 – 6
Lithuania (LT): 4 – 6
Luxembourg (LU): 1 – 3
Monaco (MC): 3 – 5
Netherlands (NL): 1 – 3
Austria (AT): 2 – 4
Poland (PL): 3 – 5
Portugal (PT): 4 – 6
Slovenia (SI): 3 – 5
Slovakia (SK): 4 – 6
Spain (ES): 3 – 5
Czech Republic (CZ): 3 – 5
United Kingdom (GB): 3 – 5
Sweden (SE): 3 – 6

My country is not listed...

Is the country to which you want to send your order not listed…? No problem, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Track & Trace code

As soon as a tracking code is known for a shipment, you will receive it from us. However, this code is only active once it has been scanned by DPD itself. It can therefore happen that you receive a tracking code that is only active late in the day. You do not need to contact us directly, after a few hours it will update itself.


United Kingdom

Shipping to the United Kingdom requires many extra steps and documents. Orders shipped to the UK all go through customs with extra charges and VAT as a result.

If you wish to order from the UK you will only be offered delivery to an event as a shipping option. We will then take the tyres to an event we agree on, mount them on separate rims and balance them for you.

Collection or delivery to an event

How works

Besides sending the racing tyres via DPD, you can also choose the option to pick them up at our warehouse. This is only possible after making an appointment with us and then we will also take care of mounting the tyres on the loose rims and balancing them.

How does collection work?

  1. When ordering you choose the shipping option “Pick up” or “Free delivery, assembly and balancing on event”.
  2. You place the order and make the payment
  3. TD Parts and Tyres collects the order
  4. You will receive an e-mail from us that everything has been collected and a proposal for the time of collection or event
  5. You come to us at the agreed time and, if you wish, we can fit and balance the racing tyres straight away.

There is no point in coming to us immediately after placing the order. Without an appointment, it is not certain that we will be present in the shop.



There can always be something wrong with a racing tyre or a product can be damaged during transport. If you want to return something, please contact us in advance via or the contact form.

Packaging materials

At TD Parts and Tyres we go green. We try to minimise our impact on the environment with our packaging. Therefore, we do not use cardboard boxes when sending our racing tyres, but only use recyclable transparent film as packaging.

All other products are firmly packed in a cardboard box.  In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as many cardboard boxes as possible are reused.

Is something wrong?

If there is something wrong with the delivery, whatever it may be, please do not hesitate to contact us via or the contact form.