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TD tyre warmer set “TRACK” Supersport 600, Black

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Tyre warmer set “TRACK” Supersport 600, black

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Product info:

The perfect tyre warmer for all racing tyres, set at 80 °C. A built-in thermostat keeps the temperature constant.

  • Complete heating of the tyres through 2-fold radial heating
  • A wide elastic band ensures a wrinkle-free fit on the tyre
  • The elastic band extends over the rims to keep them warm


  • Temperature is kept constant at 80 °C
  • Perfect fit on the tyre
  • 2-fold radial heating per tyre warmer
  • Heating wires to the edge of the tyre
  • Rapid heating
  • Elastic over the rims
  • Specially insulated
  • Bag and tyre warmer with Alpha Racing logo
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects