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Metzeler Racetec TD SLICK 200/55 R 17

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Leave No Track Unraced

Plug&Play racing fun: get your bike ready for the track with factory measurements and set-up

Plug&Play racing fun

Original factory sizes
Original factory sizes facilitate a smoother transition from initial equipment tyre geometry to professional race tyres, and help the rider skip some of the setting variables required at turn-in.

Performance from the very first corner
The RACETEC™ TD SLICK features an extremely fast warm-up, allowing riders to not worry about thermal issues in the first few corners.

Single layer, pure radial structure
The more the tyre structure is similar to that of the original equipment, the easier it is to find the right engine configuration and maximise your Track Day experience.

Reusable across sessions

Great consistent performance
The uniform thermal and mechanical behaviour of the RACETEC ™ TD SLICK significantly reduces the thermal effect, allowing it to retain its chemical properties for multiple laps and thermal cycles.

Wear and cold tear resistance
The wide contact patch at full throttle corner exits, rapid warm-up and effectiveness at a wide temperature range ensure that the RACETEC ™ TD SLICK tread compound operates within the correct operating range, avoiding cold cracks or other uneven wear phenomena.

Reversible rear tyre

Symmetrical rear construction
RACETEC ™ TD SLICK rear tyres feature a symmetrical structure and seamless construction layers.

Use the last bit of rubber
The RACETEC ™ TD SLICK rear tyre is fully reversible, allowing the rider to make full use of the tyre when riding on tracks with a predominant turn direction that can wear one side of the tyre more heavily than the other.

Metzeler, authentic passion on two wheels
Most Metzeler employees are enthusiastic bikers themselves. So they know the needs, expectations and demands of our customers better than anyone.
These customers are very demanding and will only accept the very best tyres for their bikes, tyres which ensure top performance without sacrificing safety or reliability.

At TD Parts and Tyres, we also offer you the opportunity to mount the racing tyres on loose wheels and we will also take care of the balancing. This can be done at our workshop or during one of our events.
Our staff is trained to expertly mount, balance or repair motorcycle tyres. Our tyre specialists give extra care and precision to your motorcycle tyres.

Delivery or collection?
At TD Parts and Tyres, you can choose delivery via DPD or you can collect your order yourself. Collection is only possible after making an appointment and receiving a message from us that the order is ready for collection.

For backorders, the price of the tyre at the time of the order applies. Due to the current market conditions the price of the tyre may have already changed.

Need more help?
If anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page or At TD Parts and Tyres, we’re happy to help and put our years of experience at your service. We do not only sell race tyres, we also enjoy wearing them out ourselves during our events!

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