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Metzeler Racetec RR SLICK 200/60 R 17 K1

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Slick tyre for professional riders, developed and tested in road races

Advantages of the Metzeler Racetec RR SLICK racing tyres

  • Outstanding grip, manoeuvrability and predictability at all times
  • Steering precision and stability at high speeds
  • Adaptability to different asphalt types, temperatures and engine specifications
  • Consistent performance over long road races

Front compound
One of the most unique features of RACETEC™ RR SLICK is its versatility across a wide range of asphalt types and temperatures.
For this reason, the choice of front tyre compound should be based on whether the rider wants more stability and precision at corner entry (K2 version) or predictability and grip at the limit (K1 version).
In racing tyres, the term ‘predictability’ refers to its ability to alert the rider when approaching grip limits.
When braking sharply and cornering at steep angles, the rider feels this warning as the handling softens and the bike begins to understeer due to front wheel slip.
The ability to cope with such situations helps racers to go faster.
The neutral characteristics of RACETEC™ RR SLICK warn the rider when he is approaching the limits, giving him more control while setting his best lap times.

Rear compound
For the rear tyre, the version chosen is based on the coefficient of friction of the asphalt (high friction/low friction depending on whether it is a track or road race) and the temperature of the asphalt (the threshold is around 25/30 degrees).
An important aspect in the development of the mixtures was the focus on consistent performance throughout use (kilometres and/or laps) and time (thermal cycles).
By adding specific resins to the blends and using a specific mixing process, Metzeler allows the RACETEC™ RR SLICK to be used for several thermal cycles in a row.

Handling and agility
The RACETEC™ RR Slick rear tyres have been extensively updated with new, larger sizes in the 180 and 190 ranges:
The traditional rear size for Supersport tyres evolved from 180/55 to 180/60. The traditional rear size for Superbike tyres evolved similarly from 190/55 to 200/60.
The 200/60 RACETEC™ RR Slick features sharper and wider contours, resulting in a larger contact patch at all lean angles. The tread speeds up the transition from upright driving to leaning, allowing you to get to the lean angle faster and thus get more grip at maximum lean.

All asphalt types, temperatures and specifications
The RACETEC™ RR Slick was developed to combine high adaptability to a wide range of engines with easy tuning.
The diagonal single layer rear tyres make them very similar to factory tyres for hypersport bikes, allowing the tyre pressure to be closer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is an advantage and undeniably improves tuning.
The RACETEC™ RR Slick mixtures are extremely versatile and have been designed and tested to cope with a wide range of applications in terms of asphalt roughness and corresponding operating temperatures.

K0 = Super Soft, K1 = Soft, K2 = Medium.
The temperature scale refers to the temperature of the tyre during use. The choice of compound may vary depending on engine set-up and driving style.

Metzeler, authentic passion on two wheels
Most Metzeler employees are enthusiastic bikers themselves. So they know the needs, expectations and demands of our customers better than anyone.
These customers are very demanding and will only accept the very best tyres for their bikes, tyres which ensure top performance without sacrificing safety or reliability.

At TD Parts and Tyres, we also offer you the opportunity to mount the racing tyres on loose wheels and we will also take care of the balancing. This can be done at our workshop or during one of our events.
Our staff is trained to expertly mount, balance or repair motorcycle tyres. Our tyre specialists give extra care and precision to your motorcycle tyres.

Delivery or collection?
At TD Parts and Tyres, you can choose delivery via DPD or you can collect your order yourself. Collection is only possible after making an appointment and receiving a message from us that the order is ready for collection.

For backorders, the price of the tyre at the time of the order applies. Due to the current market conditions the price of the tyre may have already changed.

Need more help?
If anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page or At TD Parts and Tyres, we’re happy to help and put our years of experience at your service. We do not only sell race tyres, we also enjoy wearing them out ourselves during our events!

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