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Brembo radial master cylinder 19RCS Corsa Corta

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Brembo radial master cylinder 19RCS Corsa Corta (110C74010), adjustable ratio 18 or 20 mm

The main features of the new 19RCS Corsa Corta:
– IDLE STROKE adjustment (three positions R-S-N) to vary the Bite Point in order to accurately map the very first part of the lever travel and get the maximum braking feeling
– Wide adjustment of the lever position through a click-by-click knob in order to perfectly match the pilot needs
– Two possible lever ratio settings: 18 mm for the maximum brake power control, 20 mm for maximum readiness of the brake system

IDLE STROKE adjustment
– RACE Position R = Idle stroke is minimum, bite point is very close and brakes extremely ready
– SPORT Position S = Idle stroke is medium, feeling will be less aggressive
– NORMAL Position N = Idle stroke is maximum, bite point is more distant and the feeling smoother

MotoGP pilots use master cylinders with calibrated and customized IDLE STROKES. Now, with the new 19RCS Corsa Corta, you can do the same. Through the new adjuster, it is possible to choose the
Bite Point (the lever position to start braking) and, as a consequence, the braking feeling.

How a master cylinder works:
The IDLE STROKE is the distance between the main seal of the piston in neutral position and the brake fluid inlet hole. In this first part of the piston travel, the fluid pressure in the circuit remains stable and, consequently, there is no braking action. As soon as the main seal passes the fluid inlet hole, the circuit will be “closed” and the inner pressure will increase up to the achievement of the desired braking power.

How much is the IDLE STROKE?
Depending on the product type (OEM or Racing MC) and on the production tolerances, IDLE STROKE may vary from few tenths to 2 mm.

How important is the IDLE STROKE?
Even if very small, this parameter is extremely important. MotoGP pilots use master cylinders with calibrated and customized IDLE STROKES, with few hundredths of a millimeter variations.

The Corsa Corta is not only a 19RCS with a new adjuster: Brembo engineers have developed this project and worked in close cooperation with a team of designers in order to entirely revise the existing master cylinder, from all points of view. All details of the Corsa Corta have been carefully studied and defined, especially the IDLE STROKE adjuster knob which has received special attentions for its look and ergonomics.

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