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ABS Remover, Yamaha YZF-R6 2017-2022

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ABS Remover, for Yamaha YZF-R6 2017-2022, plug for OEM wiring, allows the removal of the ABS module, by I2M

The I2M ABS emulators allow to remove the entire ABS module. The remover has all the electronic circuits apt to avoid any error in the central unit. Their mounting is completely plug & play and there’s no need to modify the origin wiring: you just need to unplug the ABS and plug in the emulator. This saves up to 1.4 kg (Yamaha R1)!

The ABS removers copy exctly the shape of the OEM ABS engine plug and replicate the couplings. No manual intervention needed, no wire to add, no welding to be done, no wiring to be cut: no risk to make a mistake. Commonly, by completely removing the OEM ABS system you also loose all Traction Control functions, and it is not acceptable on modern sport bikes. Alike, if the emulator is low quality, it can trigger errors on the central unit. This remover, instead, copies exactly all the necessary interface and allows all the others original system their correct operation.

– completely plug & play
– very light weight
– no errors in the central unit

weight: 0,030 kg

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Weight 1 kg